Saturday, October 31, 2015

halloween 2015

Decorate house....check

Buy sweets for guisers....check
Dress Ayla in costume .... check

Help nieces and nephews into their costumes......check
take group photo (so i can have fun scrapbooking it)......check, check, check, check.....

It almost caught me by surprise this year. Last year I remember more of a build up, more hunting for decorations, taking more time to decorate. This year Ayla had a school party on friday morning and then we decorated the house on saturday afternoon.

Still, we had a good laugh and a few visitors came for halloween sweets. Of course they had to have a song, or story or joke for me to get their goodies. Most were jokes. some were funny and everyone was rewarded with a handful of chocolates and sweeties.

Did you enjoy halloween this year, or did it pass you unaware?

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