Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Another Wednesday, another WOYWW....and as i completely missed last week because Toots was poorly I am typing frantically to complete this post so that I can play along this week. This is my desk as of this morning.

Not really done much crafting, well not since the craft fest that was GJWHF in Perth at the beginning of the month. I have been working hard to complete some of the part finished layouts that i have sitting in my album

A wee photo of some finished layouts. I will hopefully be crafting this weekend if all goes to plan. The last couple of weeks have not gone to plan, hence the lack of me participating.

This was part of a workshop in my local craft shop. Not my usual style, but I love the funky colours.

The other double layout in the same pack included a card as one of the main images, again not my usual style but when you see the card you'll understand.

Hope you are having a good old nose around blogland. If you are wondering what we are banging on about go have a look at Julia's blog and join in the fun.

Monday, June 18, 2012

10 months and going strong

Well my baby girl turned 10 months today.

I love this photo of us that Simon Harbisher took of us at Rachel House last weekend.

I can hardly believe that she is still with us, and for the moment going strong. It has been a long road and very emotional, but i am starting to look forward to what the road ahead might bring and trying to think of experiences that i can give my gorgeous girl.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

smart phones are not so smart

particularly when the touch screen isn't working.

I am having a time and a half with my phone. Not only has my handset died a blackscreen death, my DH has went off to Turkey with my o2 sim card.

Thankfully I have an old Orange Pay as you go, but the o2 sim card and my experia handset have all my current numbers and text messages in them!

So, I have been telling all my friends to get in touch via email. Not the handiest mode of contact but will have to do until i can get all their numbers so i can transfer into my other phonebook! Wouldnt normally call myself a luddite, but oh for a good old fashioned phone book just now!