Saturday, October 31, 2015

halloween 2015

Decorate house....check

Buy sweets for guisers....check
Dress Ayla in costume .... check

Help nieces and nephews into their costumes......check
take group photo (so i can have fun scrapbooking it)......check, check, check, check.....

It almost caught me by surprise this year. Last year I remember more of a build up, more hunting for decorations, taking more time to decorate. This year Ayla had a school party on friday morning and then we decorated the house on saturday afternoon.

Still, we had a good laugh and a few visitors came for halloween sweets. Of course they had to have a song, or story or joke for me to get their goodies. Most were jokes. some were funny and everyone was rewarded with a handful of chocolates and sweeties.

Did you enjoy halloween this year, or did it pass you unaware?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Turkey again

We made it to Turkey again this summer.

It was nerve wracking, again. This time we only had my mum to help. With all of the luggage and equipment that Ayla needs for travel we needed a second pair of hands. Thankfully the special assistance team helped us at both airports.

We had a very different holiday. Much more sedate, no trips. Instead we stayed in the resort, apart from one 20min drive for a village breakfast on our last day.

Mainly we stayed close to home because Ayla got sick. Thankfully it was just a head cold. It still required Oxygen at night and a couple of days suctioning in the morning. But it could have been so much worse. It was scary enough having her ill away from home and the hospital staff that we are used to (and more importantly that are used to Ayla). Thankfully easyjet let us take a whole suitcase of medical equipment for no additional cost. We certainly made good use of it this holiday.

Will it stop me going on holiday with her again? .... NO
Will it make me confident at going on holiday with her again? .... NO
I just decided not to let my fears stop me from letting her experience different things and places.