Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday and an Award

Happy Monday everyone!

I received this lovely Stylish Blogger award from the lovely Brenda this week. Please pop over to her blog to see some of the lovely cards that she makes.

So to play along with the blog award I have to tell you seven things about me and then nominate another seven bloggers for the award too, so here goes:

  1. I am  the eldest of 3 children
  2. My favourite colour is green
  3. I play the guitar (not very well, but it pleases me anyway)
  4. I studied Russian at high school (then promptly forgot it all apart from a few words)
  5. My husband is Kurdish
  6. I am addicted to all vampire programmes, my fav being vampire diaries at the moment
  7. My favourite chocolate is galaxy.

My list of nominees is as follows:

Ann who produces fantastic scrapbook layouts. A fantastic place to visit if you are in need of some inspiration

Lisa has a fantastic blog. It is full of fun creative ideas - both to make and to sell. I dont know where she gets the ideas or the time, but it is a fantastic read. She also does lots of die cutting and has used most of the machines out there and has produced lots of tutorials which are linked in her blog. A great place for people starting out.

elizabeth who makes lovely cards and currently has some lovely stash as a giveaway as she has reached 50 followers. She also makes a christmas card each week which i think is a fab way to prepare.

Sherry who claims to have a simple blog, but i can tell you that the items that she shows in her posts are anything but! A fantastic place for browsing.

Ciara who spends her creative time in her ribena coloured room dreaming up all the lovely creations that she posts about. Like me Ciara is a dog lover and sometimes her furry friend features on her blog too.

Stephanie has the most amazing scrap LOs ever. She designs for Studio Calico and has the most amazing 4 baby girls. Her blog is funny and loving and can inspire in many different ways.

Power is going on and off so i will post just now and add to my list as and when i can

have a great week

Friday, February 25, 2011

This is why i dont dig up weeds

well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Managed to get a quick snap before the dogs made them fly off. If anyone knows what kind of birds they are I would love you to leave a comment. I think they are really pretty, ugly weeds sometimes draw the most beautiful of god's creatures dont they!

Pretty soon i will have to attack all the weeds in the garden so that my flowers can actually grow, but for now i'm happy enough waiting to see what little visitor will arrive next.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

shame faced....

Yup, shame faced...that's what i am. It is almost March and i still havent finished my JYC 2010.

I enjoyed journalling all December, but when it comes to doing the pages that seems to be a different story. The final pages that i have completed so far, not even in order...leaves by my reckoning at least 70% still to be completed. That is woeful!

well, here are the pages, now i need to go pull my finger out and finish the other ones so that i can look back on a completed album.

i think next year if i have the time and energy to do JYC i might use a 6x12 format. One of my teamies on UKS used that format this year and her pages were stunning. This year i seemed to struggle with not having enough room on the page for the photos and journalling.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Been missing in action for a few weeks. Partly because i have lost track of which day is which, and partly because i am sleeping longer because bump is making me get up at all times in the night for the toilet.

So what is on my workdesk wednesday? Incase you are wondering why we are even mentioning it, have a look over at Julia's blog and join in the fun.

This week has been filled with lots of crafting for me and i actually got a few cards done and a couple of layouts. My desk looks pretty much the same as last week, so here's one of the layouts i produced for the weekly challenge on UKS last week instead.

Another one for my mum's heritage album. It was the first time our dog had pups. 5 black and tan, 3 white GSD. I'm in all 4 photos, i think i couldn't have been older than 4. How time flies eh! Now I'm 4 months pregnant i just hope i have a load more photos before bump reaches 4. That is why i love scrapbooking....capturing memories for the future. The photos are looked at much more often when they are in albums compared to stuck away in a shoe box at the top of a cupboard.

well off to have a snoop at other desks and creations. Hope you have a happy wednesday.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

im still waiting...

I was speaking to my sister-in-law this week. My new nephew is due on Tuesday 22nd Feb ofcourse it will come when it is ready. She is more than ready to welcome the little bundle, as am I. I'm so excited that i will be over early March and have booked in 2 weeks of cuddles and kisses with him and ofcourse with my other nieces and nephew too, but truth be told I'm only confident of the cuddles from the boys. It makes me wonder how i will feel leaving again, but i am so excited about the trip home.

I am 15 weeks now, and my little bump is keeping me busy. I cant believe how the time has gone. I cant believe i am in my 2nd trimester already! I feel like i am wishing this trimester away so i can feel it start to move, and obviously i am excited to meet the little person this summer.

Ofcourse, all these new babies means that mum will be expecting many many pages for her grandchildren album. I just wonder if i will have the time...or the energy...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

more JYC 2010

I promised more of the journal pages, but this time they come from the opposite end of the month. Well, what can i say...I'm a gemini!

A big hello to my new follower Annie, who has the most outstanding creations in her blog. You have to pop over to see her new poppy picture. Stunning! She also has the same name as my mum, and in Turkish her name actually means 'mother' although they spell it without the 'i'.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Journal Your Christmas 2010, a bit late but coming together in time for next christmas

Well, i did all the journalling in December, but i am woefully behind in the actual completion of my album.

The concept is one from Shimelle and a couple of my UKS teamies were following the course this year so i thought it would be a nice idea to join in. Partly because i couldnt fly due to the pregnancy and partly to actually get some christmas scrapping of any variety done.

well, I've not completed them in any real order...but here are a few of the first pages that i have completed so far. More to follow in the coming week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

woyww 87 and some other news

2 weeks gone already. I cant believe i have not blogged for 2 weeks, well I know why but more about that later.

It is Wednesday and if you are wondering why you see a messy old desk full of bits of paper pop over to Julia's blog.

This is a page that i made a couple of weeks back, but i didnt want to share until this week. It shows the reason for my general lack of crafting, and sometimes unavoidable absence from the most enjoyable blog hop that i know of.

My sister in law is due at the end of Feb so i have been working on a card for the baby, and it is getting me into the mood as well. I've not been feeling great these past few months, but definately getting back to normal now...hence the craft mag in the middle of the table. Ofcourse it will all be worth it later. I have another scan at the end of this week and i am so excited to see the progress.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday, and can  you believe this is the first wednesday of February! Where has the last month gone???