Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March Madness

Well, most of March was spent getting Ayla back on her feet after a prolonged stay in hospital. These are just some of the month's highlights.

  • Her cousin Thomas' 3rd birthday
  • Started sensory group on wednesday mornings, she loves it. Lots of songs, games and attention
  • Both her seat and stander needed adjusting because it would seem that she has taken a growth spurt.
  • We packed up all her 9-12mth clothes and started buying 18-24mth clothes.
  • Postural supportive armchair ordered
  • her minibutton came out, intact and inflated so a little trip to A&E was the order of the day.
I just can't believe that we are well into spring and I am only just catching up with myself in trying to document Ayla's progress. this is her with her tiny superhero cape because in my eyes she is a little superhero