Thursday, April 25, 2013

A call out for prayer warriors

Ayla is in ICU at Sick Kids in Edinburgh. She has been fully ventilated for over a week now. She has metapneumo virus. I am reminded how totally fragile she is, on the same hand how much of a fighter she is.
Generous to a fault, Toots passed her bug on to me. Let me tell you, it FLOORED me. Thank God for Pediatric ICU.

This photo was taken the day that she was transferred, that's what she thinks of metapneumo virus.

I can tell you I love her fighting spirit.

and as for her charm, well this is the smile she flashed to the doctor who was about to take her to PICU, as if nothing in the world was the matter and what was all the fuss about??

So if you could just add her to your prayers, she is stable for the moment and thankfully her Baba is there with her when mummy and gran are too ill to go near her. it is breaking my heart not seeing her for a week is a week too long.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


well we are past the double century over on Julia's. I hope you can join in the fun peeking at everyone's desk.

On my workdesk this week i have the remnants of some scrapbook papers and alphas. I have discovered I'm obsessed with alpha stickers/thickers/die cuts. I think it's all part of my determination to journal - as a note or a title, but to get the story told in one way or another.

talking of titles, this page has had the title change around numerous times, I'm not actually sure it is going to have one at all, what do you think? Maybe something like 'catching rays'??? The problem is that there is a corresponding R page with us in the water so don't know whether to title individually or across the two?

hope you have a great week

Monday, April 8, 2013

Moving on

The last post was a bit serious so I thought that this post should be a bit lighter. This LO was done for the weekly challenge on UKS. It started off as hexagons, then i ended up using the bit of the page that i had cut from the patterned paper as a template to mist over.

I remembered my gloves this time, last week i ended up with 7 of my fingers neon blue.

The journalling reads how she hears everything, how i love her cute button nose, how her little fingers were clenched so tightly that we could hardly squeeze my pinky in between them and how even the guys comment on how long her eyelashes are. But most of all how I love her to bits.

I had taken these photos to remind myself of all the little things that I loved at that stage in her life. It seems like such a long time ago, it is nice to look back and remember that we loved the little things as well as rejoicing in the big things.