Thursday, April 25, 2013

A call out for prayer warriors

Ayla is in ICU at Sick Kids in Edinburgh. She has been fully ventilated for over a week now. She has metapneumo virus. I am reminded how totally fragile she is, on the same hand how much of a fighter she is.
Generous to a fault, Toots passed her bug on to me. Let me tell you, it FLOORED me. Thank God for Pediatric ICU.

This photo was taken the day that she was transferred, that's what she thinks of metapneumo virus.

I can tell you I love her fighting spirit.

and as for her charm, well this is the smile she flashed to the doctor who was about to take her to PICU, as if nothing in the world was the matter and what was all the fuss about??

So if you could just add her to your prayers, she is stable for the moment and thankfully her Baba is there with her when mummy and gran are too ill to go near her. it is breaking my heart not seeing her for a week is a week too long.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, Caroline, my thoughts are with you all and I'm wishing each one of you a speedy recovery, especially little Ayla. I've just had a week or so with a nasty virus, who knows it might have been the same one, and it's bad enough for an adult, heaven knows what it must be like for a child. Still she has got spirit - you can see it in her cheeky wee face :) I had reason to be a patient in the Sick Kids several times way back in my dim and sickly past - if you had to be in hospital, it was a good one to be in. Hope Ayla recovers quickly and is back home with you soon. Love and hugs, Elizabeth xx

Annie said...

Your beautiful little Ayla is always in my prayers Caroline but I will shout a little harder for her just now. Our little Sam [one of the twins] has been in and out of hospital all last week so I know all too well how worrying it is and my heart goes out to you. I hope you get well really soon too so you can be with your precious little girl.
Sending you the biggest hugs and lots of healing vibes,
Annie x

Dawn said...

Caroline, keeping you and Ayla in my thoughs. Hope you and her are better quickly!xx

Twiglet said...

Oh that smile and her cheeky little tongue poking - what a little treasure. I do hope little Ayla is recovering from that nasty bug and that you too are on the mend. You are in our prayers always. x Jo