Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today Shimelle's prompt asked us to think about patterns. I tend to post when i have time, but Wednesdays were exciting because i used to post about what was on my workdesk (WOYWW). That is until i couldnt see Julia's blog because it is on blogger which is blocked here. I am thinking of following Cath's advice and using a VPN so that i can get my craft fix again.

Anyway, back to the prompt: find a pattern. The suggestion I liked is to post every week about the 5 senses, so here is my take on it...

I am listening to the bird song from my patio, I love that there are so many different birds around the site.
I can see the sun peeking through the rainclouds which are hovering over the bay, I know it is going to rain but it wont last the sun will come out tomorrow.
I cant smell much of the flowers just now, or the grass after the rain because I have hayfever ...due to all the lovely flowers lol, and cant remember what my nose was used for other than running over the past week.
It wont last the week, but for now i can still taste that lovely cheddar cheese that i brought back from Scotland.

I am thankful for my friends and family who help me to be strong.
I feel safe, with my husband beside me we can deal with anything that comes our way.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the trick to facepainting...NOT

Harder than it looks!

Trying to keep my nephew and niece entertained a couple of weeks ago, I thought they might like their face painted.

Ofcourse I started with Mia first, but after about 10 seconds into the white undercoat she started getting bored and fidgety.  As only 3 year olds can do! As a result, my nice design went completely out the window as i struggled to get any semblance of kitten-like-look. However, she was happy that her face was painted and she knew it was meant to be a kitten. I think it looks more like a gremlin - but hey I obviously dont have the imagination of a child.

I was going to give up, but Jack wanted his face painted anyway. Well, at least i got a whole minute for his green undercoat and fangs, but then once more the game was abandoned. A couple more colours - because they seem to enjoy having different colours on and low and behold a monster (in more than one sense) appears.

No doubt i will try again, maybe with sweets for staying-still-bribes next time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

my prayer warrior

One of my best friends has a circle of friends that support each other with a prayer when needed. Thankfully, although we are continents apart and havent seen each other for 6 years, I am in her circle. When she heard my news she asked her 'prayer warriors' (her phrase) for a special little prayer.

I can't tell you how much support i have had from my friends in recent weeks, and now that includes women that i dont even know. I have had everything sent to me from hugs, uplifting words and poems to links for sources of information and support organisations that may be of help.

I knew that pregnancy could be a somewhat stressful journey, but now i know that i am not alone.

Although I am not being particularly gracious in my prayers just now, i know that ultimately it is God's decision as to whether i get to meet my unborn baby or not. I just hope he cuts me some slack. I also hope he listens to my prayer warrior and her friends and grants me some time.

So to everyone who has sent me thoughts and prayers - thank you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

british summer time

well the clocks sprung forward into Spring this morning.

Did I remember when the alarm went off? NO, of course not. It was when my laptop clock was signalling dinner time that it became all-important!

Just now time isnt really meaning that much to me, I am still trying to get my head around the amnio results. I have decided to progress with the pregnancy though, so i feel that this is a small but significant step in moving on with our lives.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support. They are much appreciated. Not sure how much i will be blogging/crafting at the moment so forgive the sporadic nature of the updates.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the day my world came crashing down

That would be today.

We got the diagnosis of Edwards Syndrome - Trisomy 18, for the baby. It is a devastating piece of news, even though we knew that there were some problems we couldnt help but hope everything would be OK.

It is a genetic disorder common (1 in 1800) in pregnancy, although unlike Down's Syndrome the prognosis is 'not compatible with life'.

As it stands, we dont know if the baby will survive until the birth, or how long after the birth. I can only pray that we get some time to cuddle at least.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

6 months and still going with my blog

I signed up for a blogging workshop by Shimelle in Sept 2010. 6 months later and i am totally surprised at how much i have managed to learn about blogland.

Shimelle is running another session which suits me totally because i joined well after the course was finished and tried to plough my way through the prompts, but i find it much easier when they are sent to your email on a daily basis. That way the blog is well kept and it doesnt overload you trying to do too much at the one time.

hopefully there should be some more crafty stuff on the blog in the following weeks.

Friday, March 18, 2011

baby thomas - my new nephew

I have managed to do some pages here at the crop last night. This one is my favourite photo of Thomas, and for the moment my mum's favourite layout (but that changes like quicksilver). Luckily it meets the UKS weekly challenge of lots of white space and a bit of bling.

The next one shows photos of us the first time we saw Thomas. He was only 2 days old. It was so lovely to have a cuddle with him. I'm quite lucky to have seen him a lot over the past 2 weeks, i can hardly even believe that 2 weeks have passed at all.

This page is coming back with me so that i remember just how cute he was as a new born.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its all his fault......

Well I took DH to the airport yesterday morning, he would have got into Turkey by 10pm local time. His last words were that he would have liked to have seen some snow.

This morning we woke up to a whole load of snow falling down. Ofcourse, DH is now sitting in a very sunny and warm Turkey. I might just post some cold white stuff off to him.

I really wanted to see snow at Christmas when i was over there, but i have to say I would prefer to be seeing snowdrop flowers than snow drops falling as we are mid March now!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

home with mum

well i got home on friday, after a very fraught week. I didnt think i was going to be allowed to fly on thursday, but we made it. Kerem is here for a week and then heads back to Turkey.

I'm staying for the forseeable.

The craft show on Sunday at SECC in Glasgow was nice to get me back into the swing again, but a little disappointing in terms of how few new products and demonstrations there were. Of course, that didnt stop me spending some money.

Had lots of cuddles from my new nephew, which has been nice.

Can see blogger now i am back home again, which helps when you are trying to keep a blog up and running.

thanks to everyone who left messages on my last post. i managed to read them via the dashboard even though i couldnt access my page.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

blogger blocked in Turkey as of 1 march

As of today (2nd) actually, i am unable to view my own blog and infact anyone else who blogs on blogger/blogspot.

As if there were not little enough ways to communicate with friends here, now there is one less. Typepad seems to be OK, but anyone whom i normally visit via blogger will be unavailable to me in the (undefined) future.

It is incredible that i can still post onto my blog, but i cant actually view it myself.

woyww 91

well today there isnt much on my desk as it is all packed away as i am off on my holidays tomorrow. Off to visit my mum for 2 whole weeks. I am so excited.... even more excited that DH is coming with me for a week.

In my bags there are a whole load of layouts for mum that i have posted over the past few months. Here is the last one that is still lying on my desk, soon to be packed away.

I am hoping that there will be a whole load of crafting going on that 2 weeks, and ofcourse I will be popping in to the craft fair at the SECC in Glasgow on Sunday for my yearly dose of craft goodness. So if you see a manic shopper that cant put anything down...that's likely to be me.

Hopefully i will also get some time to play with my new stash that i will no doubt come home with, and i hope to have some photos of a certain new nephew that i can start to put into pages.

What do you tend to come away with? Paper, cardstock, punches, inks???? for me i think it might be a bit of everything this year.

have a great wednesday, off to drop by and visit with some of you now...