Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the trick to facepainting...NOT

Harder than it looks!

Trying to keep my nephew and niece entertained a couple of weeks ago, I thought they might like their face painted.

Ofcourse I started with Mia first, but after about 10 seconds into the white undercoat she started getting bored and fidgety.  As only 3 year olds can do! As a result, my nice design went completely out the window as i struggled to get any semblance of kitten-like-look. However, she was happy that her face was painted and she knew it was meant to be a kitten. I think it looks more like a gremlin - but hey I obviously dont have the imagination of a child.

I was going to give up, but Jack wanted his face painted anyway. Well, at least i got a whole minute for his green undercoat and fangs, but then once more the game was abandoned. A couple more colours - because they seem to enjoy having different colours on and low and behold a monster (in more than one sense) appears.

No doubt i will try again, maybe with sweets for staying-still-bribes next time.


Lizzie said...

Yes, the idea of face painting is nice, but sometimes the reality of having to sit still is just too much...

I love the monster!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, great face even if he did wriggle - love the teeth, so gruesome. Now I have a greater appreciation of those who do this for a living - how do they get the kids to sit still long enough :) Elizabeth xx

Beverly said...

I think they both look adorable. I imagine for them it's like us having to be still and be unproductive while our nails dry...painfully slow lol