Friday, March 18, 2011

baby thomas - my new nephew

I have managed to do some pages here at the crop last night. This one is my favourite photo of Thomas, and for the moment my mum's favourite layout (but that changes like quicksilver). Luckily it meets the UKS weekly challenge of lots of white space and a bit of bling.

The next one shows photos of us the first time we saw Thomas. He was only 2 days old. It was so lovely to have a cuddle with him. I'm quite lucky to have seen him a lot over the past 2 weeks, i can hardly even believe that 2 weeks have passed at all.

This page is coming back with me so that i remember just how cute he was as a new born.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, Thomas is beautiful and I just love your layouts, especially the mostly white one - who would have thought all that white space would work so well. In a few short months you won't just be in training - you'll be scrabbling around looking for time to scrap all the photos you'll be taking of your own newborn :) Elizabeth x

Cath said...

Great layouts. Sounds like you are having fun back there in Scotland.


weewiccababe said...

fab layouts missus - the first one is just beautiful