Wednesday, March 2, 2011

blogger blocked in Turkey as of 1 march

As of today (2nd) actually, i am unable to view my own blog and infact anyone else who blogs on blogger/blogspot.

As if there were not little enough ways to communicate with friends here, now there is one less. Typepad seems to be OK, but anyone whom i normally visit via blogger will be unavailable to me in the (undefined) future.

It is incredible that i can still post onto my blog, but i cant actually view it myself.


Cath said...

Not sure you will get this! try using a VPN to get on the net, that is the only way I have been able to get through.

Cath in a very frustrating North Cyprus

Elizabeth said...

Doesn't look as though you will receive this but just in case have a safe journey home and a great holiday and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the block will be lifted on your return. Elizabeth x

nnalorac said...

Hi Caroline, Such a shame you can't communicate with us at the mo, hope things change for the better soon. Have a lovely time with your family while back in Scotland, sending you best wishes, take care. Carolxx