Tuesday, March 8, 2011

home with mum

well i got home on friday, after a very fraught week. I didnt think i was going to be allowed to fly on thursday, but we made it. Kerem is here for a week and then heads back to Turkey.

I'm staying for the forseeable.

The craft show on Sunday at SECC in Glasgow was nice to get me back into the swing again, but a little disappointing in terms of how few new products and demonstrations there were. Of course, that didnt stop me spending some money.

Had lots of cuddles from my new nephew, which has been nice.

Can see blogger now i am back home again, which helps when you are trying to keep a blog up and running.

thanks to everyone who left messages on my last post. i managed to read them via the dashboard even though i couldnt access my page.

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Sherry Edwards said...

It's a shame the show was a little disappointing - it's like that sometimes isn't it - but as you say doesn't stop us spending!!

Hope you're getting thoroughly spoilt by everyone - and getting to know your new nephew sounds lovely.