Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday and an Award

Happy Monday everyone!

I received this lovely Stylish Blogger award from the lovely Brenda this week. Please pop over to her blog to see some of the lovely cards that she makes.

So to play along with the blog award I have to tell you seven things about me and then nominate another seven bloggers for the award too, so here goes:

  1. I am  the eldest of 3 children
  2. My favourite colour is green
  3. I play the guitar (not very well, but it pleases me anyway)
  4. I studied Russian at high school (then promptly forgot it all apart from a few words)
  5. My husband is Kurdish
  6. I am addicted to all vampire programmes, my fav being vampire diaries at the moment
  7. My favourite chocolate is galaxy.

My list of nominees is as follows:

Ann who produces fantastic scrapbook layouts. A fantastic place to visit if you are in need of some inspiration

Lisa has a fantastic blog. It is full of fun creative ideas - both to make and to sell. I dont know where she gets the ideas or the time, but it is a fantastic read. She also does lots of die cutting and has used most of the machines out there and has produced lots of tutorials which are linked in her blog. A great place for people starting out.

elizabeth who makes lovely cards and currently has some lovely stash as a giveaway as she has reached 50 followers. She also makes a christmas card each week which i think is a fab way to prepare.

Sherry who claims to have a simple blog, but i can tell you that the items that she shows in her posts are anything but! A fantastic place for browsing.

Ciara who spends her creative time in her ribena coloured room dreaming up all the lovely creations that she posts about. Like me Ciara is a dog lover and sometimes her furry friend features on her blog too.

Stephanie has the most amazing scrap LOs ever. She designs for Studio Calico and has the most amazing 4 baby girls. Her blog is funny and loving and can inspire in many different ways.

Power is going on and off so i will post just now and add to my list as and when i can

have a great week

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Sherry Edwards said...

I'm honoured to receive the award - thanks for thinking of me and for your kind words xx