Thursday, February 24, 2011

shame faced....

Yup, shame faced...that's what i am. It is almost March and i still havent finished my JYC 2010.

I enjoyed journalling all December, but when it comes to doing the pages that seems to be a different story. The final pages that i have completed so far, not even in order...leaves by my reckoning at least 70% still to be completed. That is woeful!

well, here are the pages, now i need to go pull my finger out and finish the other ones so that i can look back on a completed album.

i think next year if i have the time and energy to do JYC i might use a 6x12 format. One of my teamies on UKS used that format this year and her pages were stunning. This year i seemed to struggle with not having enough room on the page for the photos and journalling.


Mary J said...

It's looking like it's coming together! The important thing is to enjoy the process - don't pressure yourself honey!

butlersabroad said...

It looks good though and you've done 30% more of a journal than I ever have! I've left a little something for you at mine today!