Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is it here yet? JYC '13 approaching....

On the crafting front I have been trying to get some Christmas cards made, but alas not much success there. I think it will be shop bought ones again.

I have also been trying to complete JYC '12. This is a vain attempt to get the album finished before JYC '13 happens. I have only managed 2 pages of 20, so not looking likely. Whatever happens, I will still be participating in this years journalling party. I love Christmas, and I love that Journal Your Christmas helps you focus on all the magic of the season. 

This year I am using a project life style album, so hopefully I might have more chance of completing it this year.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's never the end of November already???

How did that happen? I was full of good intentions when I typed up the last few posts. Yet, the month has run away with me all over again.

What's New this November?

  • Ayla got a big girl's bed
  • We took Ayla for her flu jab booster
  • Road trip to Irvine to meet up with friends
I kind of feel that doesn't quite sum up this month. Ayla thankfully has been well. Surprising because of it being cold & flu season. I think it has helped that we are using the cold & flu barrier gel.

She is also trying to stand and enjoys sitting up when we can sort the cushions.