Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All work and no play....

makes me grumpy!

Today should be a crafty blog day, but I have been so busy with the house trying to get it into a state of readiness for letting that i have had limited time to play with my crafty stuff. All i have managed to achieve this week is punching out some Martha Stewart butterflies. That is also the main reason for my lack of blogging in general.

I also wanted to thank the ladies that left me such lovely messages last week on my post. It really does help when i read your comments, so thank you.

After meeting with a new letting agent, they have advised that rentals are going better as unfurnished. So, with that in mind we have decided to gut the house. So far we have taken rubbish/old furniture to the skip; got the council to do a special uplift and arranged for some of the better items to be taken away by one of the charities.

Needless to say, I want to try to get the house finished this week. Then there is the painting. Why is it that everything you look at, the more you look at it, needs painted?!?

I have to say that my family and my best pal have been a great support. It is actually quite difficult clearing a loft at 6 months pregnant! It is impossible to do it on your own! And the extra hands where the painting comes in ....well, that helps too.

I have a midwife appointment today, so i figure that is a good excuse to go visit all the WOYWW desks to get at least a little crafty fix!

Hope you all have a wonderful wednesday.


Anonymous said...

You need to take a little time for yourself to be crafty - everything will look better then and you might not have to paint so much - LOL.
x Tricia (55)

Linda Elbourne said...

Hello grumpy :0) Fingers crossed you get some you time soon X

Anonymous said...

Hope you manage some crafty time. Clearing a house is no fun - we've done it far more times than is reasonable, due to moving back and forth across the pond so often. Hope you are bearing up with your pregnancy. Mary Anne

Alison said...

Hope you get some 'you' time soon...clearing houses is just no fun!!
Alison xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I have to hand it to you C - you're getting on with it and doing things, and I rather think if I were you, I wouldn't be just now. Talk it over with loads of people who don't have an emotional connection....then your decision won't be leaning toward what someone else wants you to do. And hey, if you can't decide till last minute..then you can't..I don't think the medical agencies will be surprised by that...especially as they respond so well and quickly to changes as events unfold. Meanwhile, good luck with sorting hte house. It's a lorra work. Thank God for friends and family.

Angelfish said...

I'm so glad you have family and friends around you for support during these tough times:)
I hope you enjoyed your crafty fix. The cake was a success and there's not much left now! Fiona xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, you've just reminded me that I once moved house at 7 months pregnant and what a trauchle all the clearing was. And, yes, the walls always look far worse when the furniture and pictures have gone :( It's great that you have family and friends to help you. My mantra was, and still is, 'this too will end' - things get done because they have to - you'll see. During all this just take care and don't overdo it and enjoy your crafty fix. Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

So glad you're home at the moment Caroline, what an awful thing to have to face, my heart goes out to you and your husband. There is no easy decision for what you have to do, whatever one it is it will be the right one for you and the little one. Hope the house gets sorted and rented, at least it'll be one less thing to worry about.

Brenda 84

Cath said...

Just catching up on how you are and didn't want to read and run. You will make the right decision when the time comes.

Big hugs