Monday, August 15, 2011

monday madness ... 5 days over

I'm 5 days overdue now.....and to be honest I'm just bursting to see her.

Poor Kerem is a bit stir crazy, he is not used to an hour to himself never mind a whole week - ha! I have sent him out to meet up with his best man for some lunch and a bit of a blether. He keeps asking if she is coming any time I have any idea! But, I just smile sweetly and say that she is in charge for a little while.

At least I know that on Wednesday I will be in hospital, so not very much longer to wait and i am loving every minute of being pregnant.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, well you sound more chipper now that Kerem is with you. Not long to go now and what's the betting the little decides to make her own way into the world in the early hours of Wednesday morning :) I'm somehow not expecting you to put in an appearance for WOYWW this week! Elizabeth x

Cath said...

Good luck Caroline hope you don't have to wait much longer.