Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter sunday

We all had a lovely day, of sorts. Actually I had a lovely day watching the kids decorate their eggs. I bought some shrink sleeves. Thomas the Tank for the boys and some Pink princess ones for the girls. Then of course i had to buy 20 eggs upon which the aforementioned sleeves were shrunk!

It was a wee bit precarious with a 5yr old and 3yr old wanting to do the shrinking, but with a soup ladle and me guarding the pot of boiling water.....all went remarkably well....until we realised that the shrink plastic sleeves were protecting the egg shells from breaking. Still, not to be outwitted, my niece did her own version of rolling the egg (aka smash it to smithereens on the nearest wall).

Little miss A pretty much slept through the whole thing. I did sneak a crumb of chocolate flake onto her tongue during one wakeful moment, as I didn't think she should miss out on the whole easter egg thing.


Elizabeth said...

is doing so well. Easter sounds like a lot of fun and why not sneak a wee bit of chocolate ... you can never be too young to learn to appreciate chocolate :) My little great niece, just over 3 months old now, is going into Yorkhill, where Ayla has often been, to have a procedure done to her kidneys soon, fingers crossed it helps her. Take care all of you. Elizabeth x

Elizabeth said...

I see part of my comment has somehow gone missing: I just begun by saying it was good to read that little Miss A is doing well.