Friday, May 18, 2012

9 months today

Can you believe it..... I have hardly drawn breath....and now it is 9 months on. How did that happen? One of the Rachel house (CHAS) team had a great phrase. She said that time with Ayla evaporates. How true.

Scary but fabulous. I have loved being a mum to this little bundle of joy.


Hope you have a great weekend


Lizzie said...

Ah, isn't Ayla gorgeous? Lovely photos. (and is it 9 months already? wow!)

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos - you looks so happy with your gorgeous baby and doesn't she look beautiful in that red dress. I can't believe it's 9 months already ... just seems like yesterday Ayla was born. Hugs to you both, Elizabeth x

Alison said...

Your Ayla looks gorgeous in that red dress!
Alison xx

Ladkyis said...


Hels Sheridan said...

aw what a little dinky cutie! Thanks for your lovely blog comment... hope you enjoyed the shows... those Blossom Bucket Embelllishments are even more lush IRL... just sayin ;o))

Debbi Glennie said...

she is absolutely gorgeous - you must be so proud of her