Thursday, May 30, 2013

birthday bonus

Today was a good day, I got to spend most of it with my daughter at home for a change.That is how I like to spend my birthdays :-)

Ayla didn't like the sun in her eyes much in this photo, but it was the best one that i got (I kept having to put the camera on timer and run back to pick her up again..)

The last 6.5 weeks have been quite stressful, but it is all good because now i get to be at home with my girl.

I can't thank everyone enough for their support over the last couple of months.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, it's lovely to read this good news, something else to celebrate on WOYWW's 4th anniversary. I hope the wee one stays well and you get to stay home for a long time to come. Pity about the photos - look forward to seeing them eventually. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

PS: you haven't linked your WOYWW post - hope you do once blogger decides to play bonny and upload your photos.

Annie said...

Hi Caroline....this is the news I've been waiting for. So glad you've got that gorgeous girl back home.
If you'd like to send me your address I'd love to send you an ATC for the WOYWW 4th birthday celebrations.

Twiglet said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!! I am so pleased to see that lovely photo of you two. Annie and I have talked about you and little Ayla so often and we are so glad you are both home together. Love and good wishes. x Jo

Alison said...

Lovely to know you were able to spend your birthday at home with Ayla...hoping she's well enough to be at home for a while now
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Caroline. It's lovely to see you posting again and to see the two of you together in that lovely photograph. It's always nice to be home.

Thanks for your comment earlier and no, I've not been injured. It's my old arch enemy, arthritis. I've had a flare-up that has caused my feet and legs to swell up like balloons - couldn't even get my shoes on. However, it is improving after a lot of enforced sitting around with my feet up - so very frustrating. Earlier I did get out into the garden for a short time, and this evening I did manage half an hour of crafting. It can only get better :)

I hope everything goes well for Ayla now and that you both are home for a long time to come.

Elizabeth xx