Saturday, October 26, 2013

What happened to August?

Well, in August...

  • We had a great photo shoot of Little Miss A and mummy. Photos are in the post previous.
  • Ayla had her 2nd birthday. We had over 70 people come to visit. I am incredibly privileged to know so many caring and generous people. I kid you not when i say that i actually boxed up her entire wardrobe and replaced it with the presents that she received. Fashion parade photos here we come..
  • We took Ayla to get her peg changed to a mini button. That was the day after her birthday. That was done without anaesthetic, and it means that she won't need another operation if her new button gastrostomy needs to be changed, we can just whip it out and change over.


Twiglet said...

I don't know where this year has gone! Ayla is growing up so fast - belated happy 2nd birthday. x Jo

Annie said...

Oh Caroline I don't know how but I missed those gorgeous pics...they are so special. How Ayla has grown since we saw her last!!! I really hope you all had a very special day for her birthday but of course I'm sending great big hugs for the birthday girl herself.
Annie xxxx