Monday, February 24, 2014

February was RSV month

Shortly after the last post about Ayla turning 2yr 5mth we were admitted to Children's Ward. A week later we were transferred to PICU at Glasgow Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

I can tell you there were times when I thought she wouldn't see 2yr 6mth. 3 times to be precise! However, the little lady pulled out all the stops and she is fighting like a little trouper. Thank goodness she has my stubborn streak!

We are 2 days off being in hospital for a full calendar month, and I actually think we will be here for the whole of February, but you know what I don't mind as long as she is getting better.

Scrapbooking has taken a back seat, obviously. However, I am pleased to say that I did eventually get my 2012 Journal Your Christmas album finished. Once we get home again I'll upload some photos.

Sometimes I miss the distraction scrapbooking affords me. Sometimes I miss seeing the progress when i can look at older photos, but when i do get a chance to complete some layouts, scrapbooking helps me to look back at some of the more difficult times with Ayla and it helps me appreciate her journey in its entirety.

Can't wait to get my girl home and share some of our layouts with you all.


Annie said...

Have been thinking about you and had a feeling something was amiss. So glad that gorgeous little lady is on the up now. Give her big hugs from me.
Annie x

Ladkyis said...

Sending you healing thoughts and lots of hugs

Lisa-Jane said...

I hope she is home by now and back to her mischievous self. Fragile babies do like to test us when we are not looking and "pull a stunt" that reminds us how they are really fighting all the time. Maybe you need to pack an emergency scrap bag to go in your emergency hospital bag so you can scrap a little when you really need to xx

Alison said...

Just catching up...hope March has been a better month and that Ayla is home with you
Alison xx