Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May and spring has sprung at last

To celebrate the sunshine today, our little miss sunshine got to wear her first pair of kiddie sunglasses out and about. It took us so long to buy any because part of her condition means that her ears are lower set than most kids. I honestly didn't know if they would stay on her nose, or if she would keep them on her nose.

After the success of the first pair I thought we should get a couple of pairs...for the car, the handbag, the buggy. You know how it goes, just when you need a pair out and about you realise that they are propping up a sunhat on the kitchen windowsill.

We have spent a few days in the garden so far. Easter weekend was great. We are obviously hoping for more. Today was a bonus, until the rain started and spoiled our fun.

We have been spending one hour a week at nursery to transition in before the summer holidays. It has been very interesting for both Ayla and mum... I am so glad that Ayla is not shy with strangers, it makes for a much more relaxed nursery experience.


Annie said...

I love your updates but was really hoping for pics of the certain young lady posing with her sunglasses on...in every colour :-)
Big hugs,
Annie x

Just Frances said...

I don't know how it would work, but I wonder if it's possible to craft A a pair of custom shades. Might be a bit fussy and time consuming, but might be a fun and unique style for your little darling!

- Frances

Alison said...

So glad to hear you've been enjoying some good weather....and that nursery is working out for you both!
Alison xx