Wednesday, November 19, 2014

another little stay at hospital

Well I can't believe that my little fighter managed to get home after only 5 days in hospital.

Of course we are still on antibiotics and still doing chest physio, but we might consider nursery next week.

I'm hoping these little illnesses help to improve her immune system if nothing else.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Caroline, I'm glad Ayla is recovering from yet another spell in hospital. I hope she is getting on well at school and she is still chuffed to be wearing a uniform. Loved the photo of her all dressed up for Halloween - I hope she had a lovely time at the parties. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Annie said...

Hi Caroline. So sorry to hear Ayla has been in hospital again but am pleased that she is back home now. She really likes to keep you on your toes doesn't she? Please give her a big healing hugs from me.
Annie x

Alison said...

Your girl really is a fighter!...hugs to you both xx