Monday, March 19, 2012

Last month went in a blur

I just realised that the previous post was a month after the last one that i wrote. That might lead you to think that not much was happening in the domain of Little Miss A. How wrong you would be....

We had a really traumatic month. At the end of Feb we were in Yorkhill for emergency bowel surgery. We only came to realise just how serious the situation was when the surgeon came out after the  operation to tell us that not only was it a success, but that we couldn't have waited until the morning for the surgery. Bearing in mind the surgery only started at 2am, it didn't take long for us to realise just how close to the edge we had come.

We didn't know if the surgery would have a detrimental effect on her because of her Edwards Syndrome. Taking the decision to operate at 11pm was difficult, but thankfully we made the right decision for her.

We spent a week in Yorkhill, staying at Ronald McDonald house which was just across the road. It is a fantastic place, it made living in a big city that bit easier. So, if you ever use the drive through at McDonalds please think about dropping your change into their charity tray. Small change....big impact.

We have been home now for a fortnight. I'm glad to say she is doing well. The silver lining in all of this was that they put in a gastrostomy for me. That is a feeding tube directly into her stomache.

I can't believe the difference.....she no longer....
  • needs oxygen 24/7
  • has continual reflux
  • vomits through her nose when she does actually vomit
  • has lots of wind
  • has difficulty taking enough milk
Don't get me wrong, that nasogastric feeding tube saved her life.....but the surgeon who put the stomache tube in for her gave her back quality of life.

So, I guess that is why it took me a month to post the last entry....but what a month it was!


Alison said...

What a traumatic month it has been then Caroline! I'm so glad that the surgeons have been able to do so much to improve the quality of your little Ayla's life...and glad you got the support you needed too.
Alison xx

Dawn said...

Fabulous to hear little Ayla is doing well. Thank goodness for the amazing surgeons who've given her and you some quality of life. Hugs to you both xx

Annie said...

I've just had a good catch up with your blog. What a precious little girl you have with such a pretty name. So glad the Drs were able to work their magic for her.
A x

Morti said...

Wow - that busy and you took time to stop by my blog! Thank you!

So glad to hear that things are going as well as they can, all things considered. Ayla is blessed to have parents like you two...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, my gosh but your little one, and so all of you too, are fairly going through it. So glad to hear that Ayla's surgery was in time and a success and that, all things considered, life is better for her. I can only hope that her quality of life will continue to improve. I didn't know that about McDonalds, but I will be only too happy to donate next time I take my grandchildren to one. Take care and look after yourself. Elizabeth x