Monday, September 17, 2012

foot muff

Going to try my hand at some sewing in the next wee while. Bought some black fleece material to make a foot muff for Little miss A's new buggy. It was only £5 so doesn't matter if it goes wrong...but watch this space.

Thankfully I found a premade one locally, in black. So at least she won't freeze while I get my finger out. To be honest, I dont really know where to start so I'm putting it off. Does that sound familiar to anyone?


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, I remember buying a foot muff for my baby son - 43 years ago! If I remember it correctly, it was rather like a fur lined pillow case shape, with the front being shorter than the back - not much to it really.

I think we all procrastinate when faced with a project we are not sure off. I still hesitate to take scissors to fabric until I am absolutely sure I've got it right and that's after years of experience, so you're not alone. Just take courage and go for it :))

Elizabeth xx

Alison said...

OH yes! Procrastination is a great friend of mine!
Alison xx