Monday, June 23, 2014

Less than a week

It's unheard of, but that is how long Little Miss A was in hospital. Monday to Friday. Of course, she is still very poorly with a bad virus and a chesty crackle and cough. At least we get to come home though.

It is always worrying when you are heading for admission. It's not so much going in, but where will she end up....that is my worry. This is the first time in over 2 years that we have not ended up in PICU.

As you can see, she is still on oxygen through the daytime, but at least she is a little brighter today. 

sending warm hugs to everyone xx


fairyrocks said...

Awe poor sweet little baby. Sending light and good thoughts your way. Thank you for stopping by with kind comments. I will try that glue for sure!

Twiglet said...

Love and good wishes to that little poppet. Hope she is soon better. x Jo