Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4th Birthday

It went so quickly.

First day back at nursery this morning:
You are wearing trousers age 4 but all the other items are age 3. We felt that it was easier to have you in trousers this year, to keep you tidy and managing you between chairs etc.

Gran and Aunt Sandra came to visit and we had cake. Aunty babs and the boys came later on.

You got lots of presents: lay-z-spa; scoot; clothes; chiffon scarves; shoes; hamma beads; beach towels; balloons; sensory balls; name picture; rattles, toys and money. You are so loved, and so very spoiled by everyone.

This year a lot of your presents were wrapped in tissue paper so you could rip it apart with a little help. You seemed to enjoy that.

It was a lovely day and we got to spend it with you enjoying yourself.

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Ladkyis said...

What a marvellous day, congratulations and happy birthday.This news has really made my day