Monday, August 17, 2015

We made it through our first 7 week summer holiday

At the end of June I worried how I was ever going to survive having Ayla home all summer. 7 weeks! I made a resolution that every week we would do at least one thing, or go one place, or see one new landmark. It was a bold statement, but a promise that I made to myself and to Ayla.

We actually made 11

  1. The Kelpies - Helix Park 
  2. Istanbul Palace in Edinburgh
  3. Falkirk Wheel
  4. Play & Chat at Plus Stirling
  5. Butterfly Farm in Edinburgh
  6. 5 sisters zoo in west lothian
  7. Cockenzie House - Falco's secret garden restuarant
  8. Rosslyn Chapel
  9. Linda's new house in penicuik
  10. Pittencrieff Park
  11. Aberdour - silver sands beach
I am so very pleased that I managed to take her out and about. Some of these places I had never been to either. There are more photos of each of the locations, but i think they might be in my SLR.
 pittencrieff park peacocks
Rosslyn Chapel
 Drinking my cappuccino in Ocean Terminal
One of the Kelpies

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