Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A weekend away....

... makes the heart sing.

On one of our days out to Cockenzie, we drove past the caravan park in Port Seton. Mum commented on how that was the holiday destination of choice when she was a young girl.

I wondered if I would be able to take Ayla there. It was only an hour from home. It had 6-8 berth static caravans and there looked to be some nice amenities on site. So, the plan was made. We booked from Friday 3pm - Monday 10am.

Well, that was the plan....but with all things planned in advance, Ayla often throws a spanner in the works. The weekend before we were due to depart she took ill. It was just a head cold, but with Ayla even a simple cold can be catastrophic. So, as with all our 'plans', there were some amendments to be made.

My mum and sister were still going to be staying overnight, but we would travel back home every evening so that I would have night nursing cover for Ayla. That basically means I can sleep.

The weekend was a great laugh. We went out for lunch and dinner, we relaxed and caught up on gossip, and drank lots of tea.

The highlight for me was taking Ayla swimming for the first time into a swimming pool. Of course, I had my hands full, even though my sister was in the pool with us, so no photo. I'm a scrapbooker/memory keeper so that does upset me a bit, but at the end of the day you have to enjoy life and create memories before you can document them in pictures.

The best thing about the weekend was having a base where Ayla could lie out and relax. We could just have done day trips and gone to the same places, but it would have been so much more frenetic and much more tiring without the caravan to relax in.


Ladkyis said...

Marvellous! and a very good compromise if only because you were relaxed with the arrangements, Ayla was safe and cared for AND you got enough sleep to enjoy her in the daytime. Sounds like this might be a weekend break for the future too eh?

Alison said...

So glad you were able to make arrangements so that you could all still enjoy the weekend! xx