Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My favourite season

Every season has its appeal, but I prefer spring and winter.

I love that Spring is the start of new life, it feels hopeful. The nights are drawing out and the bitterness of winter starts to relent. In Scotland there is a phrase: Ne're toss a cloot til May is oot. Never throw out a cloth (warm clothes) until the May blossom is out. Which basically means that it can still be very bitter until much nearer summer.

So, if I love spring why do I also love winter? It probably has to do with the romance of the season. I love cosy nights in, I love being warm inside when it is all frosty out. I love snow, I love how the frost looks all sparkly and magical first thing in the morning. I love the barren landscape. And I LOVE all things Christmas related.

Maybe it's the Gemini in me that means I can never settle on just one thing. I do love every season for it's own merits, but if I had to pick then spring and winter would get my extra votes.


Twiglet said...

Well I am a Libran so I can never make my mind up! I love the seasons and each one has it's pleasures. Today is a misty moisty morning here - typical of the start to Autumn. x Jo

Annie said...

I've got to agree with you loving Spring best.....the new growth and promise that comes with it. But I do love the warmth of Summer, the colours of Autumn and the beauty of Winter [but only from through a window]. We are really blessed to have such wonderful changing seasons and each one comes with it's own reasons to be loved and appreciated.
Annie x