Friday, October 29, 2010

christmas trees - a piece of pie

As I don't actually have any crafts shops that I can source embellishments from I tend to make them myself. There are 3 ways that I have worked out how to make christmas trees. When I say worked out, only the Pieces of Pie was an original idea:

Easiest, cut a tall triangle shape in patterend paper (seen this done lots in mags). I cut a template from cardboard and use this to draw around because my hand drawn triangles always end up squint.

Alternatively, punch out 2 or 3 different sizes of hearts. They need to be nesting hearts (idea from CM idea book).

Finally, use 2 or 3 different sized circles. Cut into quarters or even sixths and fit together. I've found that using 3 slices from the same sized circle works best for me. Attach as below:

This is a peek at a couple of wooden embellishments that i keep to use as templates for hat and mitts

happy tree making

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Darcy said...

hiya, I have done the triangle trees many times but never the heart ones, i will have to try them out. have a great week.x