Monday, October 18, 2010

Virgin Mary house and Sirince

Well, we had a lovely day on Wednesday in Sirince (pronounced She-reen-gee). It is in the ancient city of Selcuk (sell chook) and up a very very high mountain. It is cute and quaint, and produces very fine fruit wines. There is also a lovely church up a very steep climb - but it has a lovely view

Afterwards we were going to visit Ephesus, but as P's knees were aching we decided that virgin Mary's house would be gentler on the legs, and less slippery underfoot. Ephesus can get quite treacherous in the rain because of the marble slabs that the roads are built from.

this is the path from the house to the chapel, and the foundations of the house

This is a photo of the chapel, and the wall of white is a wall which has been covered with tissues and ribbons of wishes (which you then tie onto the wall). The setting is beautiful and the sense of peace and tranquility there is incredible. If you ever visit Turkey this is definately a place to come to. Whether you are religious or not, the park can be enjoyed just for the setting.

Well, just a short post as mum and sis are off to do some entertaining...but before I go...Hello to Gez! I have my first follower. Hope you enjoy the post, more craft stuff next week.

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