Sunday, October 24, 2010

They've all gone home

The house is so empty now, but it was fun having everyone over to visit. I am very tired, so having a lazy day today. Actually, I am doing loads of washing. Think I am on my 5th load now.

The weather was a lot cooler this October, and wetter than normal. So, as I was cleaning all the beds I thought I should make an attempt at changing the wardrobes around. This is a very Turkish phenomenon, or should I say it only happened once I moved from Scotland (you can wear jeans and jumpers all year there). There is a marked difference in my colour scheme between summer (mainly white) and winter (mainly dark - black/red/green/blue). Ofcourse, I wear brown what ever the weather - i just pick a shade to suit, lol. (My friend Zilpha rolls her eyes in disgust). I love brown and cream.

Hopefully I will get back into a bit more crafting, and onto UKScrappers to chat with my teammies a bit more too this week.

Just before I go a big Hi to Elanva, my new follower.

I promise my next post will be a bit more crafty than this one. I am fiddling about making some DIY christmas trees for cards and tags. I'll post more about this later......


Elizabeth said...

Hi, thanks for the welcome, Elanva is my google signature - real name Elizabeth. You can find me on my blog - the Silver Scrapper's Craft Place:

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Akilli, thank you for the lovely comment you left me. Actually my desk was very restrained for me,lol. I usually end up working in a space barely larger than my card!

Alix said...

loving the christmas cute!
alix #74