Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Monday another challenge

It's Monday again ... yay! Wait, did i just say that out loud? I used to hate Mondays!

Another Monday means another team challenge on UKS. It is a great way to make all of us lazy, scrap-blocked scrappers reclaim our creative mojo. We are set a challenge for the week, given rough guidelines on the theme and a layout is given as an example on how to interpret the challenge. Love it! Off to find a photo and decide on a colour scheme.

For the non-crafters who might read this, dont worry....we know we are obsessed!

Today I had a call from a friend who is struggling with learning a new skill. She is actually better at it than she gives herself credit for. Hopefully our chat helped put things back in perspective for her. That got me to many things are we better at than we give ourselves credit for? I know that I often look to others for approval. I would love to have the self confidence to trust my instincts, but so often we let others rail  road it, only to see that we were right after all.

So challenge to myself .... trust my instincts the next time the warning bell rings.

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