Sunday, September 19, 2010

p7 graduation

Today's focus, in my quest to learn more about blogging and scrapping, is to think about what we want our reader to know. From there we also need to think about what we want to keep private.

I often use hidden journalling on my scrapbook pages. Although, to be honest, it is often more to do with not liking my handwriting being on display than the subject being particularly private.

On a recent trip home, I was lucky enough to see my nephew off to his p7 graduation. It was the first day i arrived home, so i was very tired. That didn't stop me getting totally immersed in the proceedings.

I loved making this layout. The vibrant colours reflected the energy in my young nephew that day. He had such nice weather as well. I had fun deciding on which photos to include - being a doting aunt, I took far too many.

There is also a story, about why the car featured in the layout was not a limo, hidden behind the top photo - but that's a story for another time.

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