Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raindrops on roses

and whiskers on kittens...have you ever thought about making a list of your favourite things?

I can tell you my top 5 books, my top 5 bands or singers, my top 5 things I am grateful for at any given moment etc..etc. I am, however, struggling to think of my top 5 of all time favourite things.  I came up with a list, then half an hour later 5 other things appeared as my favourites...and so on. I am still not able to say with certainty what my top 5 things of all time are.

So, to make a start somewhere, i have decided to list my top 5 craft blogs (at present). Feel free to have a peek at the list across the page. I am quite sure that they will change often, and the list will certainly expand, but for now they are what i am reading.

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