Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Well I was dreading today a bit, but when i went back to fat club and found that i had lost 3/4lb. How cool! Given me a little motivation to avoid my guilty pleasure (all things chocolate).

Guilty pleasures was also the theme of UKS weekly challenge. I had such fun making this layout. see below for close ups

circle mask for inking then glass teardrops for blood drips

more journalling over the white moon inking. some alcohol ink for blood splatter too!

ink & stamp straight to paper

made thickers by cutting cardboard letters twice, glued together,
white embossed then dipped in red embossing powder
I have been reading these books since i bought them last October. I couldn't put them down. I read the set 3 times, straight after i finished the last book I picked the first back up again. I couldnt help it. Totally addicted, but love how it whisks me away into another world. I'm still reading them a year later.

I struggle to get science fiction/fantasy books here, so i have to wait until someone visits. I am waiting on the Bree Tanner novella to be delivered so that i can get my next Twilight fix.

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