Monday, September 20, 2010

a post for someone special

Well, by the time a special someone reads this post they will either be laughing their heads off or I'll be glad I'm not in the near vicinity.

I have been working on these pages for the grandchildren album for my mum, for what seems weeks. Hopefully she will like the sneaky peek prior to seeing them in the flesh. I might even hold one or two back as a special treat depending on time constraints.

I think i work better to deadlines, i have had these photos for ages but it was only when i decided that they would form part of a present that i actually got my finger out and put my mojo into gear.

OK, short post but hopefully the photos will compensate ... off to create.

The title of this one is Turkish Dancer. The lettering didn't show up well on the photo.
This is a belly dancing costume that i brought back one year.
The circles are actually extra sequins from a costume shop.
Mia loves gran's glasses, she will snatch them whenever she can

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