Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another wednesday (without) WOYWW 81

It hardly seems that long since i was typing my last post, but it appears that a week has flown already. My craft room stll looks like this, hence the not really crafting with Julia's merry band but i am soooooo hoping to get back in the swing of crafting next week. That is once i assemble my stash into one craft area in one room. So i thought this week i would show the utter chaos...

The reason my craft room looks like this ...... since the weather turned colder here we have been looking at heating systems. We finally decided on a fireplace. So on Monday the workmen came and my house turned into no-mans-land of dust, plaster, bricks and electric cable.

You might think by now that we bought an electric fire.....NO......but we had to relocate all the aircon units, the TV and phone points and sockets.

There was a general hive of activity, lots of tea making. Turkish workers work best when supplied with a constant source of tea. We went through a whole box of sugar cubes, they like their tea strong and sweet! YUCK!

By 10.30am it all got a little too much for me so I escaped and left Kerem to it. By 5.30pm I returned to the scene of devastation. It took them til 10.30pm to actually finish everything. By which time i had been hiding in my relocated craft room for 4 hours. I was starving and bored so ventured out at 9.30pm for the last gasp.

The remainder of Monday night and Tuesday all day were designated cleaning. From the clean on monday we still had to rewipe everything again on the tuesday morning as the dust was still settling.

My christmas tree looks like it has had a dusting of snow, but really i just couldnt bear to take it all apart to clean and put it back together again, so a good shake and vac will have to do for now.

Today has been a day of washing. 2 rooms were locked. That seemingly doesnt matter when it comes to dust. It is passport needed to cross the border, so I have done about 8 loads of washing. Thankfully it has been about 20 C today so most of the washing is now in the ironing pile.

Happy Wednesday


Violets Corner said...

Oh, working dust is just horrible and it spreads everywhere. Hope you can craft soon again...and stay warm.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Warm hugs

Twiglet said...

Keep cosy - Have a merry Christmas and a crafty and healthy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, hate construction dust, gets absolutely everywhere, poor you! Hope you have a great Christmas regardless and at least you'll have a warming fire for those chilly nights.

Brenda 45

MaggieC said...

I know just what you have been going through. Plaster dust could get through hermetically sealed doors, and seems never ending - it just keeps on landing. We started by having a conservatory, which meant a rewire, which meant carpets and floor boards up, plaster off the walls and so it went on - all because we wanted somewhere under cover to dry the dogs off in bad weather. After Christmas, we are starting again with the aim of a new stove in the living room, which means moving the computer, the TV etc, plaster off the walls - you know how it goes. Oh well, it will be good when it is finished. Let's just enjoy Christmas in between. Have a lovely time, and thank you for your visit and kind comments.

Elizabeth said...

Oh gosh, and just before Christmas too. You will deserve your holiday by the time you've finished clearing up. I somehow thought it would never get that cold in Turkey that you would need a fire although they do look so much cosier than radiators. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday and a very enjoyable Christmas day. Elizabeth #51

ANewYear said...

Good to hear you have a new fireplace to keep you warm. I went through an extensive remodel and could write a book on construction dust. Months later and I'm still dusting twice a week. :9

sandra de said...

Sounds like it will all be worth it in the end. Have a lovely christmas.
Sandra #81

Marjo said...

I've never seen a workspace bed before, what a great idea! It will all be worth the wait I am sure.

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Minxy said...

Hope you manage to get things straight soon, nothing worse than builders dust!
Wishing you Happy Christmas :D
Minxy #4

Spyder said...

oho my goodness, you are sooooo tidy! (How I wish I was!!) Even your fire place in the other post looks neat!! Have a Fabulous CHristmas
Happy WOYWW!

Nicky said...

Hope you have got rid of all the dust now and have some crafting time - thanks for sharing and have a great Christmas ~ Nicky 52