Monday, December 6, 2010

JYC day 6

It's the 6th day in the Journal your Christmas project. I cant believe that i have actually kept up with my journalling (in a note book) all ready to transfer over once i get round to preparing the pages.

Christmas is coming faster and faster every year, this is my attempt to slow it all down a little. Today's prompt is to record 2 christmases.

My first is one from my childhood when i remember my dad hiding little presents IN rather than under the tree for mum, so he could send her hunting for them later. It was really funny to watch because we knew where and what it was but it was nice to see Mum get excited about something different.

My second is the christmas of 2008. Returning (delayed) from honeymoon I spent most of christmas day on a plane and then driving up from the middle of England. We didnt get in until 10pm, but everyone was still there so a little silver lining to a christmas gone wrong.

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Elizabeth said...

Belated congratulations for your 2nd anniversary yesterday - hope you had a really enjoyable day and that those wedding photographs made an outing :) And well done for keeping up your journal so far - if it wasn't for my blog I don't think anything would get logged. Elizabeth x