Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's the weather doing????

Well, outside the temperature has been a lovely 22 C today. Once the sun went down it did cool down a little, but no rain and no snow/frost/blizzard/white get my drift.

I'm determined to make this December a month of fun and festive frolicking. Actually translated that means as well as doing a christmas journal, I'm going to buy a tree and decorate the villa this year. Normally I wait til I get home to Mum's and find that she has done all the hard work and i can just sit and enjoy the christmassy feeling.

I guess it's a little strange, it feels like stepping out of summer straight into christmas. However, i think i have the best of both worlds. I get to have that lovely festive feeling without any of the boredom factor you get when the shops start selling christmas after halloween.

Hope you all manage to find that Christmas spirit early this month, December truly is a wonderful month.

Big hello to my new follower Becky.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I'm sure your villa will look wonderful decorated for Christmas. MY husband tells me this weather is set to continue until 27th December so you'll probably feel it when you come home for the holiday. Thanks for your comment on my blog and re the felt ornament, I bought it pre-cut, they are from Papermania - I have too many so would you like to send me some? I'd happily send over a few, they come in red, blue, green and white. Elizabeth x

Spyder said...


Sherry Edwards said...

Oooh 22 degrees - how lovely, I can almost feel the heat if I close my eyes - lol.

It's not snowing today, although it's still laying thickly on the ground.

Have fun with your decorating - and do share a photo with us when you've finished!