Thursday, December 2, 2010

AWOL Wednesday

Where did it go? What happened to my desk photo???

Basically I have a lot going on at the moment. I will be popping by Julia's blog to snoop at other crafty desks, but this week is likely to be just as busy as last week getting ready for christmas etc so I am only spectating this week, not participating in WOYWW.

Today is/was the 1st December (cos I still haven't gone to bed although it is past midnight). This is the first day of Journal Your Christmas course by Shimelle

I like her manifesto, as it pretty much captures exactly why i am journalling my christmas this year. Of course there is another reason, but more on that later.

So happy Wednesday, and happy december. I hope everyone finds their own joy this year.


nnalorac said...

Have fun journaling your Christmas, a fab idea, going to be kept busy capturing all those magically moments. Carolxx

Elizabeth said...

Love Shimelles manifesto. Unfortunately, just can't find the time to journal my Christmas right now although it's a brilliant idea. You've got me intrigued - what could the reason be? :) Elizabeth #85