Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it should be a different kind of post today....

but no time to play with the WOYWW group today, i have been so busy trying to decorate the villa.

I rescheduled my flights, with one thing and another it is becoming obvious that DH and I are going to spend this christmas on the Aegean coast.

Still, I am sure that we will make the most of it, given the circumstances. Hence the decoration. I will post more when i am satisfied that it looks even remotely christmassy. At the moment there is a tree in pieces in its box; 3 strands of tinsel round various pictures on the wall and some cards on the TV stand. No photos til this is resolved.

hope you are all enjoying your christmas decorations


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, so disappointing that you are not able to come home for Christmas but I'm sure you and your husband will still have a lovely, if different/hotter holiday in Turkey. I spent 2 years in Ireland, 6 years in Germany and various other places miles from my Mum and home and although I yearned to be home for Christmas we still had a great time with our friends and the children always enjoyed their Christmas wherever we were. Admittedly, I've also gone out of my way to get home on more than one occasion, even waiting hours in a freezing, quite literally, plane at Logan Airport, Boston, while the plane was defrosted, twice! Six hours later we took off and I finally made it home to my, then, fiance, now husband :) Ah, the joys. Thanks for your kind comments on my cards, it is much appreciated. Hope all goes well for you. Elizabeth x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear you won't be going to Scotland for Christmas. I realize it is a poor consolation to the joy of family, but you do have your husband there and it may be a fun holiday after all. I hope you get in a Christmasy spirit and show a bit of Turkey during the holidays. After all, it will be a fun memory to remember in a few years. And I hope you have an awesome and SAFE holiday, too. Hope to see you this Wednesday all full of Christmas decorations and cheer (grin).