Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Didnt that go quickly....there was even christmas inbetween!

What is on your workdesk today? If you want to join in the fun hop over to Julia's blog to see what all the fuss is about.

So this is my desk, I have still not organised my craft room  so things are very tidy on both desks at the moment.  I'm  sure it wont last but happy whilst it does!

I am  trying to get up to speed with my Journal Your Christmas album, hence all the date embellishments on my desk. Nothing much else going on at the moment, so off to have a nose at everyone's desk.

happy wednesday everyone, see you in 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not so christmassy but still a very nice day

Well we had dinner, then kerem  had some leftovers. The best part was lighting the fire for the first time and watching a movie.

here are a couple of christmas day photos

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas

Hope everyone has a merry christmas. We are opening our presents under the tree and have a fire started in our new fireplace to mark the occassion. Not sure that we need it for heat today, but couldnt let the opportunity pass us by.

Later today we are going out for christmas lunch at one of our local cafes. Looking forward to it, maybe that should be a new tradition?!

Hope everyone has a lovely day and enjoy wherever you are.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The fireplace

Well here it is in all its glory.

Just waiting on the plaster to dry so that we can paint the room and all will be right again. The mirror wont stay there after the paint job it will move back to its original place on the wall.

It does make the room a lot smaller losing that corner, but it will all be worth it on saturday when we can light it for the first time.

the rest of the room kinda looks like this

A little cramped for my taste, but slowly i will get it back into some semblance of order. We are just waiting for the doors to come, (now that all the coving has been hacked down) hopefully before christmas but if not we will just make do with the curtains as is.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another wednesday (without) WOYWW 81

It hardly seems that long since i was typing my last post, but it appears that a week has flown already. My craft room stll looks like this, hence the not really crafting with Julia's merry band but i am soooooo hoping to get back in the swing of crafting next week. That is once i assemble my stash into one craft area in one room. So i thought this week i would show the utter chaos...

The reason my craft room looks like this ...... since the weather turned colder here we have been looking at heating systems. We finally decided on a fireplace. So on Monday the workmen came and my house turned into no-mans-land of dust, plaster, bricks and electric cable.

You might think by now that we bought an electric fire.....NO......but we had to relocate all the aircon units, the TV and phone points and sockets.

There was a general hive of activity, lots of tea making. Turkish workers work best when supplied with a constant source of tea. We went through a whole box of sugar cubes, they like their tea strong and sweet! YUCK!

By 10.30am it all got a little too much for me so I escaped and left Kerem to it. By 5.30pm I returned to the scene of devastation. It took them til 10.30pm to actually finish everything. By which time i had been hiding in my relocated craft room for 4 hours. I was starving and bored so ventured out at 9.30pm for the last gasp.

The remainder of Monday night and Tuesday all day were designated cleaning. From the clean on monday we still had to rewipe everything again on the tuesday morning as the dust was still settling.

My christmas tree looks like it has had a dusting of snow, but really i just couldnt bear to take it all apart to clean and put it back together again, so a good shake and vac will have to do for now.

Today has been a day of washing. 2 rooms were locked. That seemingly doesnt matter when it comes to dust. It is passport needed to cross the border, so I have done about 8 loads of washing. Thankfully it has been about 20 C today so most of the washing is now in the ironing pile.

Happy Wednesday

finally my decorations Turkey style

well this is as good as it gets.

My decorated room i.e there is a christmas tree. This lasted all of 4 days, then we got the fireplace in. More on that in the next post. There was not a lot to choose from in the way of decorations, so this will have to do

Have a lovely christmas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it should be a different kind of post today....

but no time to play with the WOYWW group today, i have been so busy trying to decorate the villa.

I rescheduled my flights, with one thing and another it is becoming obvious that DH and I are going to spend this christmas on the Aegean coast.

Still, I am sure that we will make the most of it, given the circumstances. Hence the decoration. I will post more when i am satisfied that it looks even remotely christmassy. At the moment there is a tree in pieces in its box; 3 strands of tinsel round various pictures on the wall and some cards on the TV stand. No photos til this is resolved.

hope you are all enjoying your christmas decorations

Sunday, December 12, 2010

sunday and it should be a good day...


we went out this morning to take the rubbish to the bin only to find that our angelic (NOT) dogs had killed a kitten. I wanted to hide in a corner and pretend that it was all a nightmare.

I know it is a natural state for dogs and cats to fight, and truth be told there was no gore. I think they must have thought it was a toy then when it died they left it alone....for us to find!

i hate that part of their nature though, if only i could train them out of it.  It is the one down side (apart from the barking) of having dogs when there are so many wild animals on the site.

I hope this post doesnt spoil your weekend, but i have to share!

More crafting posts later, i promise. I need to craft now to lift my spirits after this...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOYWW and birthday cards

Not really sure which WOYWW this is, but I have been working on the kitchen table these past 2 days because some friends came round to do christmas cards.

Tidier than usual huh!
We cant buy cards in Turkey, so Tuesday was obviously when panic set in for some of my friends. We did have a very nice evening, lots of chat and DH even made some nice spicy lentil soup for us....we were too busy to make anything to eat ourselves.

I was working on a couple of birthday cards. My friend's twin grandsons have their birthday when she is home so she wanted something different for them.

The dogs were waiting patiently for some biccies so thought i would add a photo

 and finally the finished cards

I am not sure that i will have a chance to blog hop much this week again, but I thank you all for your lovely comments last week.

To join in with the wednesday madness pop over to Julia's blog.

Happy  hopping

Monday, December 6, 2010

JYC day 6

It's the 6th day in the Journal your Christmas project. I cant believe that i have actually kept up with my journalling (in a note book) all ready to transfer over once i get round to preparing the pages.

Christmas is coming faster and faster every year, this is my attempt to slow it all down a little. Today's prompt is to record 2 christmases.

My first is one from my childhood when i remember my dad hiding little presents IN rather than under the tree for mum, so he could send her hunting for them later. It was really funny to watch because we knew where and what it was but it was nice to see Mum get excited about something different.

My second is the christmas of 2008. Returning (delayed) from honeymoon I spent most of christmas day on a plane and then driving up from the middle of England. We didnt get in until 10pm, but everyone was still there so a little silver lining to a christmas gone wrong.

2 years on...

Today is our 2nd anniversary. I can't believe how time has flown.

We went shopping in Izmir yesterday and Kerem got all annoyed because he couldnt find me a present, but with christmas coming I dont really feel the need for presents. A card and dinner tonight is more than enough. Although i might subject him to looking through our wedding photos afterwards too!

I really feel lucky to have him in my life, although sometimes I kick and scream - hee hee, I do thinks it is worth it

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's the weather doing????

Well, outside the temperature has been a lovely 22 C today. Once the sun went down it did cool down a little, but no rain and no snow/frost/blizzard/white get my drift.

I'm determined to make this December a month of fun and festive frolicking. Actually translated that means as well as doing a christmas journal, I'm going to buy a tree and decorate the villa this year. Normally I wait til I get home to Mum's and find that she has done all the hard work and i can just sit and enjoy the christmassy feeling.

I guess it's a little strange, it feels like stepping out of summer straight into christmas. However, i think i have the best of both worlds. I get to have that lovely festive feeling without any of the boredom factor you get when the shops start selling christmas after halloween.

Hope you all manage to find that Christmas spirit early this month, December truly is a wonderful month.

Big hello to my new follower Becky.

AWOL Wednesday

Where did it go? What happened to my desk photo???

Basically I have a lot going on at the moment. I will be popping by Julia's blog to snoop at other crafty desks, but this week is likely to be just as busy as last week getting ready for christmas etc so I am only spectating this week, not participating in WOYWW.

Today is/was the 1st December (cos I still haven't gone to bed although it is past midnight). This is the first day of Journal Your Christmas course by Shimelle

I like her manifesto, as it pretty much captures exactly why i am journalling my christmas this year. Of course there is another reason, but more on that later.

So happy Wednesday, and happy december. I hope everyone finds their own joy this year.