Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvellous Monday

It's Monday again, so must be time for another UKS weekly challenge.

I managed last weeks challenge by the skin of my teeth. I stayed up last night to finish the layout way into the wee small hours. Wont be doing that late again, teaching 8 year olds after that little sleep is not something i wish to revisit!

The theme was out and about. We live 20min from Bafa Lake, one of the most tranquil places I know. Luckily eveyone who visits wants to visit, so it would be rude not to oblige.....

The layout is of my 2 gorgeous nieces, taken last summer when my brother and his family were over. I miss them more than i can say, but photos and layouts help...

We used a sketch, the bling is on the flipflop flowers and the blue bead below the dragonfly is a Turkish Nazar. The nazar (evil eye) fends off evil spirits, it is a protection charm. It is customary to give as a gift to visitors, babies etc which is a custom I love about Turkey.

Big hello to my new followers: Carolann, Bonnie and Debz.

Hope you all have a marvellous monday....

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