Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Well it is still Tuesday (in the UK).... This week I managed to lose 1/4lb. Not much I hear you say....but you didnt see what i ate. Everything i saw basically.....

My excuse???....... None!

Today we did a habit audit, and it turns out that i eat for comfort, I snack attack and low and behold...I eat because it is there to eat! ...DUH!.... I knew all of that, but it is surprising how much it hits home when it is in black and white (or in digital figures on the scale infront of you).

So, this week I am going to change my habits. I am going to log what i eat, weigh it and calculate my points. That way I might have a fighting chance of losing some next week, but actually deserving the reduction in weight this time.

Had some ladies over tonight making christmas cards. I really miss the crops and classes that i used to attend in the UK. It is so nice to have some like minded people to share a hobby with. We are going to try to get together every Tuesday evening until I go back for Christmas.

A big hello to my new followers Sherry and Rhonda.

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