Monday, November 15, 2010

red squirrels at Virgin Mary House

I was looking back at some of my holiday snaps, and i realised that i had not blogged about the Red Squirrels. I love squirrels, but we rarely see any red squirrels in Scotland (if we even have any left).

When my visitors were here in October, we went to Ephesus. Mum wasn't really in the mood for the long walk down marble roads so after dropping L & S off, we continued up the very winding road to the Virgin Mary house (2nd time for me in a week). But it is lovely there. So tranquil, no matter how busy it gets.

Only the raucous family of red squirrels were misbehaving. I managed to get a few shots, but to be honest most of the time it was just tail and a*** - not good blogging material. Everyone was laughing at the little critters though, and they seemed to be happy to cavort infront of spectators. It was almost like they were performing for the camera! Another reason why i love that place.

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