Friday, November 19, 2010

purple parsnips or carrots?

As Bayram (festival) draws to a close I found myself going through the fridge trying to work out what needs to be cooked now and what can be kept for later.

At the weekend market I bought a turnip and some rather unusual carrots.

The orange ones are my normal variety, but i couldnt help buying a handful of their more colourful neighbours. I felt that a week was long enough for them to linger in the fridge, so I thought I would boil up some turnip and carrot to make a mash as a side dish.

However, when the timer went off this is what i found (and halloween doesn't come round again for another 11 months....)

The purple carrot at the bottom had turned the water a lovely shade of purple, so not sure what the mash is going to look like at the side of the beef stew, but it tastes a little more like parsnip/turnip than carrot.

Oh well, such are the joys of living in a different country. Sometimes you find the most unusual things.

A big hello to Ann my new follower.

More crafty posts to come later, once i have tracked down my awol mojo.

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Ladkyis said...

The purple carrots are the original colour of carrots. Apparently the Dutch bred the orange ones so that they were patriotic - orange being the Royal Family.
I obviously watch really strange programmes on TV and have a head full of trivia.