Friday, April 22, 2011

It's not so much a chore as a challenge...and a godsend

I am now over half way through my JYC album. It is under my skin now...challenging me to get it finished!

One of my friends suggested that it should be enjoyable rather than a chore. She is so right, but I do actually find that the more i sit and go through the pages of journalling the more I enjoy it. I'm not stressing about making it a photo album anymore. The whole point was to journal Christmas afterall!

Also, I am remembering to enjoy my pregnancy, regardless of the worry. When i was journalling in December we didnt know the problems that the baby was going to face, and my notes are so much more positive than i have felt in so long. So, for the next day or two I might try to finish off the project because it is such a positive influence. Who knew a WIP could be so inspiring after being left for so long!


Ladkyis said...

I think it is wonderful that JYC is proving to be a help. It's why we do it really, isn't it? To remind us of things that happened and to give us a little boost when we need it. I decided yesterday that the way to finally sort through my dad's personal stuff is to make a journal of every step, for my grandchildren. I will start on tuesday when Mr M goes back to work.

Cath said...

I just get back and you are off again! Enjoy the shopping and scraping in UK. Take care and talk soon.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Caroline, just popping in to say hello after my holiday. Hope the decorating is finished before you come home again - you've got great weather to come back to. Elizabeth x

CoventryAnn said...

I'm sure it will be gorgeous Caroline, and isn't it nice to mess about with festive stuff any thime of year?

Alison said...

Glad JYC is helping with the positive thinking...have a good trip back to your mum's
alison xx